Sunday, September 30, 2018

ET phone home?

The husband and I took the kiddos for a walk today at Caldwell Park.  The weather was beautiful, the scenery.... meh.  There was a lot of trash and homeless people.  It made me sad because I spent a lot of time in that park growing up and now I don't think I would feel safe going there by myself.  But that is a post for another day.

The point of this post is to let you guys know that I saw a payphone today!  An actual working payphone, not just the housing of one with the phone missing and half a phone book hanging in it.  I know it was working because there was a guy using it.

That might not seem very exciting.  And I will admit, it probably shouldn't be that exciting.  But it is definitely weird.  Right? I mean, this is the age of free Obama phones (Thanks Obama! I mean that, seriously, can we have him back now? But I digress....) so what possible reason would anyone have to use a payphone anymore? 

I can think of a few.


The guy obviously killed someone and was phoning in the anonymous tip.


He was most likely calling to demand his ransom.


Can't call his side chick from his cell or his wife will find out.

I can't really think of any scenario that I would need to use a payphone in that doesn't require being murder-y or involve child abduction. Can you?  I mean, unless......

Maybe he was escaping the Matrix!!! 

I feel like I potentially witnessed something big today, you guys!  So in case anyone needs this info, the call was made at roughly 11:30 this morning at the payphone in the Diestelhorst bridge parking lot. He was mid 30-ish, about 5'10", sandy colored hair and dressed like a definite serial cheater/murderer/childnapper who was possibly escaping the matrix.

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