Thursday, August 30, 2018

*Tap tap* Is this thing on?

Well helllllllo! It's been a minute.  1,451,519 minutes to be more precise.

I was talking with some co-workers today about how much I love to write, and how unfortunately it has been a REALLY long time since I have made the time to do it.  Lots has happened in the 3(ish) years since my last post..... I had another baby. Yes, that's right, Ms "I am NEVER having kids and I am going to shout it from the tallest building" had not one, but TWO children.  What can I say, I was clearly not committed to my life of child-free careless abandon.

 I also got married.  My husband is awesome. Keep your hands off!

I still work full time.  That's not anything new. What is new is that now any free time that I can manage to find is instantly taken up by two tiny humans and an awesome husband, which means there is exactly zero free minutes to spend exercising my writing muscles. I am rusty, so forgive this post. I am squeezing this in between bath times and bed time stories and at some point I have to wash the day off this greasy face of mine.  Then to bed. Zzzzzzzzz

It's Thursday. Throw back Thursday as the youngins call it.  They like to find old pictures from back in the day (do people still say that? "back in the day") and then post them and reminisce about the good ol days. I was thinking about that just this past weekend. I met up with my mom and my sister and a friend.  My sister and I were talking about how we used to go out on the weekends and get way too wild and crazy and somehow not manage to end up dead in a gutter (Whew!).  I was going through some of the saved pictures on my computer and came across this gem from back in those days.  We were babies!

This was 2006! 

Meeeeemoriiies, light the corners of my miiiiiind.  But seriously, the point I was going to make was that I used to be wild and crazy and now I go to bed at 9:30 and am super grumpy if I don't get 8 hours of sleep at night.  I get tipsy off 2 glasses of wine and a wild crazy night involves sweat pants and staying up past my bed time to work on a new blog post (*wink*) 

I used to blog about my insane adventures in online dating and living alone and wanting to do things like hike Half Dome (ugh, someday I will get there)... and now I plan exciting weekend adventures of camping with my little family and struggle to come up with new things to make for dinner.  I am old now. Old and definitely not very exciting.  Instead of Hot Mess Express, I am considering renaming my blog to "Mom Train" 

Mom Train can still be exciting, right? I can blog about my fit of near rage when husband washed an ink pen in a load of my laundry and ruined all my stuff and nothing of his. Or that time that my kids spent an entire 4 hour car ride to the coast puking their guts up in the back seat. Or when my dog decided that the only reasonable way to express his love for me was to leave a dried up bird carcass on the living room floor for me to step on (yep, twue love).  

Tell me, friends.... shall I forge on and continue to write my daily adventures? If you are still willing to read it, I will definitely tell you all about the bird carcass.

Cheers to writing something, anything!