Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Make new friends but keep the old

I made a new friend a while back (oxymoron?). My new friend is Blogger. She houses my blog.  My old friend is Facebook notes. Remember those?? Before Facebook I used to rant and rave on my Myspace blog. Some of those posts were real gems, but I was a dummy and deleted my Myspace account and anything that went with it about 4 years ago, including those twisted little peeks into my rambling mind. If I had thought about it for more than 5 seconds before hitting the delete button, I might have had the foresight to copy those blog posts to something for posterity's sake. Oh well.  Thankfully, all my old Facebook notes are still collecting dust on a server somewhere and I am able to dust them off and bring them here for you. Don't get too excited, they aren't anything to write home about, but I am going to post them here, noting the date they were originally written, just so I have a record of them in 5 years when I get sick of Facebook and hit the "delete" button again.

If you happen to follow me on my new little friend here, you will probably notice that the next 5 or 6 posts will probably not make any sense and seem out of place in the timeline of my life; just keep in mind that they are old.


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