Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Listening to John Mayer makes me whiney and introspective and annoying. Shoot me!- Jan 24, 2011

I STILL need to hike Half-Dome!!

Random Monday thoughts......

-The hospital is my least favorite place, yet it seems to be where I am spending the majority of my time lately.  I think that I am almost as good at finding things at Redding Med (Shasta regional, or whatever they call themselves for the moment) now as I was when my dad was at Mercy.  I could probably start showing people how to find where they are going. Like a greeter or something. But I don't want to wear one of those hideous stripey outfits. Funny enough, when my dad spent a week at Mercy 2 weeks ago, I thought for sure that I would have to learn that place all over again. But sadly, it all came right back and I was able to get straight to him without asking for assistance or really even having to read the signs. Seemed more like I had just been there 2 days before, and not 2 years.  Weird.  Can you all start taking your vitamins and do yoga or something? Be healthy. I am tired of spending my free time at the hospital ;p

-Deana commented to me yesterday, after I slayed the Direct TV box, that I am pretty tech-savvy.  I feel like I know enough to get myself in trouble ;p  But I have discovered lately that I kinda dig that computer/software/electronics "stuff".  Been rolling around the idea of maybe looking into a degree in computer science.  I know, it sounds crazy for me. But who knows... maybe that is my calling. Maybe I would never use it. But if I could take apart my computer, make it run faster/smarter/better, and then put it back together, that would make it all worth it for me ;) 

-My 2nd cousin (3rd maybe? I think it's 3rd....) Ryan, whom I have never met.... because he lives on the moon (Washington), just emailed me and said he is coming to Cali and wants to get together. Oh yes, that just made my freaking day!!!!!  Probably my most favorite person I have never met ;p  And he is going to be in Monterey which I love. Like I need an excuse to head to the ocean :) Yay for cousin visits!!!!!

-I suck pretty hard in the dating dept lately. In the last month I have:
1) Been dumped. Well, as dumped as I could have been when it wasn't really a relationship to begin with. But whatev.
2) Had a really awkward and uncomfortable talk with one of my oldest and best friends about how despite the fact that we are probably soul mates, and I recognize that, we will not be dating because I just don't feel the same way about him that he feels about me. Good times for sure.
3) Spent my birthday with amazing friends, including ex boyfriend that I dated for 5 years. We are still friends, very good friends actually. And it was strangely familiar and comfortable right down to him calling me "babe", and then quickly correcting himself to "Becky" ;p But the fact remains that we didn't work out for some pretty serious and important reasons and those will not change. And lastly......
4) I met a really good looking, smart and funny guy who seems to like me and wants to spend time with me. I am fighting the urge to scream "If you are fucked up, save me some time and peddle your crazy elsewhere!". I have a feeling that if I do that, he will most likely not want to spend time with me anymore, haha. And that would be a shame because the cookies and sailing and such have been tolerable so far ;)
To summarize; I am wishing that the guys that I am not interested in would stop hurling their feelings and emotions at me. I am wishing that the guy(s) that I am interested in would pull their head out and take a breath, I'm not THAT scary. I am finding that I can't fall back into a habit simply because it is comfortable and familiar, because it is still what it is. And finally, I shouldn't be suspiciously waiting for a seemingly normal, very nice guy to turn out to be damaged, when instead I should be dreading the moment when he finds out that I am damaged ;p  I think maybe I will just join a convent, haha.

-I am hiking half-dome this summer. So far everyone that I tell wants to snicker at me like they don't think it will happen. I will show you nay-sayers. It's going to be AMAZING.  I really think the only thing standing between me and the top is that pesky elevation issue and the fact that I am a wheezy mess lately. But I am sure there is something to be done, some way to prepare for that. I will not be deterred!!!! And when the emergency rescue team has to haul my ass down, hooked up to oxygen, I will be saying "See, I told you I could do it!" :p

-I want to karaoke more. Nothing makes me quite as happy as singing and I don't do it nearly often enough. Even if I am laughed off stage, it'll still be fun with good friends. First up on my karaoke set list: "Touch myself" by the Divinyls. A good time will be had by all ;p Who's up for some karaoke fun this Tuesday?

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