Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breaking News! Random slobbery dog attacks in Shasta Lake- Dec 22, 2010

 Good thing I love dogs.

God must have woke up this morning and said to himself "Gee, what today really needs to make it extra special spectacular (this is assuming the God talks just like me) is for Becky to be full body contact assaulted by a GIANT slobbery wet dog in her drive way".  And behold! A GIANT slobbery wet dog High-fived me right in the chest this morning while getting into my car. And it was good.

I guess it could have been worse. The dog could have been Cujo, and could have ripped my head off and proceeded to use it like a chew toy.  The upside is that said GIANT slobbery wet dog seemed nice enough.  So nice that he must have been making the rounds this morning and greeting every unsuspecting neighbor about to embark on their morning commute. I prefer though to think that that little slice of misery/heaven this morning was reserved just for me.

I would like to tip my figurative hat to GIANT slobbery wet dog for successfully reminding me that it is only Wednesday, I haven't slept nearly enough in the last week, its raining (as evidenced by that lovely wet dog smell that shall linger on me for the rest of the day) and I really really need a cup of coffee.... good boy!

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