Wednesday, December 26, 2012

300 seems like an awful lot- Oct 14, 2010

 I have lots of friends, and I am an excellent salesperson of cookie dough.

My friends niece was selling tubs of cookie dough for some sort of fundraiser for school a few weeks ago. She said to me "Auntie Becky, if I sell 128 tubs I get a Nintendo DS", to which I replied "Good luck sweetie, I don't think I could do it. I don't even know 128 people". 

Well clearly that was not an accurate statement. I just realized that I have 300 friends on facebook. Granted, most of them are distant (geographically speaking, always close in heart) family and people I went to school with who I never talk to on here :p  But still, that's a lot of people.  And I am happy to report that out of all of them, there are only 5 (I counted) whom I have never met in person. It's always really annoyed me when I get random friend requests from people who I don't know, and have no mutual friends. Why? All my shit is private so you know nothing about me.  I am not interested in helping you fulfill your desire to get to 5000 friends.

To those 5 who I have yet to meet, I am sure you know who you are, cause this means you have never met me in person either.... let's get together ;)

And to everyone else.... would you like to buy some cookie dough?

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