Monday, July 30, 2012

Overheard and embarrassed for you

Have you ever been standing near to someone in a public place and overheard a conversation that you really REALLY should not have heard?  Oh yeah, that happened to me today. Now that I think about it, I am less certain that I shouldn't have heard the conversation and more certain that the people should not have been having it in public at all. Oy!

I literally overhead a couple arguing about how she goes down on him all the time but he never.... returns the favor.

I waffled between wanting to sink into the floor and turning around and staring right at them as they talked.

And then I did a complete 180 and wanted to give my two cents for that poor neglected woman who has obviously been neglected for a while.

Seriously though, some conversations are best kept in the bedroom.

AND on a almost as serious note..... boys, you really need to return the favor. Really. I vote that girls just start forgetting the art of the BJ unless they are being repaid on the regular.

Ok, are we clear? Crystal? Awesome. My job here is done.

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