Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camping is good for the soul, but not good for my hair

I love to camp! I don't mind getting dirty, in fact, I think it is a great excuse to go a couple days without washing my hair or shaving my legs.I'm like a dirty, camping wildebeest!
Sexy, yeah?? 

Last weekend I went camping with some good friends. We didn't go far, just to the lake outside of town.  We were lucky to find one of those boat-in campsites that wasn't already full.  We got there pretty early in the day with high hopes of getting everything set up prior to it being ridiculously hot out. Unfortunately, we didn't make it. By the time we scouted out the space, and then went back across the lake to get the camping gear and then took it back it was already after noon and hotter than the surface of the sun.

 There were no lake camels though

The lake is pretty low right now and after 4 trips back and forth to the boat tied up at the water I was melting and miserable. It was definitely time for swimming and beer. 
Sadly, there must have been a lot of beer, because the rest of the afternoon is a bit hazy. The good news ( I think) is that Aaron brought his camera and managed to save these moments for ever. 

That floaty only ended up halfway inflated. 

 Our captain!

He has tricks!

Gang signs?
Definitely do not remember getting felt up :p


The longer I stayed in the water, the less opportunity for sun burn

 More Tricks!

 We for sure needed MORE beer



 My favorite tall friend!
 Head rubbing for good luck? What's going on here?

 Coming down to our level

 Getting felt up AGAIN. Lake + beer + sun= Hussy

 Pretty much my favorite girl :)

 She works ouuuuuuut!
 And she shoots things! Watch out!

 Give a hoot, don't pollute! And recycle :)

 Group cheesin!

 For some reason we liked this stick....

 Polka dots are the height of camping fashion

 That pretty (awful) hair is courtesy of lake water and spray sunscreen. It took me 45 minutes to brush it out :/

 Squishing my head. We are nothing if we are not mature

 Aaron was having an awful time

 The stopped bickering for two seconds to smile ;p


 I feel pretty.... oh so pretty.....

Luckily, there were no pictures from the second day of camping :p One day of drunken lake shenanigans seems like enough.

The only downside to the camp trip was no running water bathrooms. I don't mean to sound like a priss, but I really have a hard time with outhouses. I would rather pee behind a bush, and if the opportunity presents itself, I do. Unfortunately there were people camped close enough to us that peeing in the bushes was out of the question. Dang it!!

The stuff of nightmares

All in all, it was a successful camping trip, as evidenced by my sunburn, dreadlocks and hangover. Can't wait to go again!! :)

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