Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good grief....

Girls- selling, auctioning, or even giving away your autographed bra does not raise breast cancer awareness.

Boys- buying, bidding on, or winning said bra does not raise awareness for breast cancer.

If the money made from sale, auction or winning of the bra goes towards a charity that helps fund breast cancer research.... that's still not the same thing as saying "Hey, I care about women dying from a horrible disease and I want to contribute my money to a good cause"..... it's just you buying used undergarments. You can get those at yard sales too.

Just because it has touched a breast, doesn't give it magic breast cancer curing power.

Sometimes I just want to punch the stupid out of people :/


  1. I would like to sell my used underwear to cure colon cancer. Do I hear 100 bucks?

  2. but how else is farmer ted supposed to get underpants?