Monday, March 5, 2012

Just shoot me now

I'm sick. Very very sick. The last time I felt this sick was the time I went to the hospital because I thought I had swine flu. They said I wasn't even running a fever when I was sweating and hot to the touch. I guess the only way to diagnose swine flu is to grow a pig snout. Jerks.

I didnt move off the couch at all yesterday. I have yet to leave my bed yet this morning (hooray for phone blogging!) I am hungry, but the only thing that sounds good is nice cold frozen yogurt. So I am going to put my slippers on and a hooded sweatshirt to cover this greasy awful nest of hair and I am going to U top it.

I see this going 2 ways. I either make it to U Top It without incident, other than the occasional crazy look from someone who sees my pretty outfit and hair and thinks I am homeless OR I get half way there and am overcome with the feeling I am going to barf and/or pass out and I am forced to wait on the side of the road for rescue.

Why am I telling you this? Prepare yourself for the phone call is all I'm sayin.

Mmmmmmmm..... Frozen yogurt :)

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