Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What the.....

Is Harry Potter taking over the world?!  I ventured on to Tumblr.....

**Side note: Tumblr is a strange universe where all the emo kids on the planet meet and post the same "Woe-is-me" gifs over and over and OVER again. All they want to do is sit around and re-blog (obviously it has never occurred to any of them to actually post something original) about how no one loves them, and life is sooooo hard and maybe they should just kill themselves.

Taken directly from tumblr....

Good lord. Of course no one is ever going to love you if you can't get your pasty ass outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. It's pretty much scientific fact that tan people are more lovable than non-tan people. Step away from the computer sad emo kid.

Anywho... Harry Potter. Holy cow. Seriously, at least 98% of the content on Tumblr is Harry Potter related.  They should put a sticker on their server that says "Powered by Potter".

I am not trying to be a Harry Potter hater, but it baffles my mind.  Did Harry Potter cure cancer while I wasn't looking? (Oh wait, that was Bono). I don't understand the obsession. I tried, my boyfriend and I even had a mini Harry Potter marathon a couple weekends ago. It wasn't really planned, we were just too lazy to find anything else on TV and they were having a marathon on ABC family or something. We both kept saying "Gosh, this is like the longest movie ever", until we realized that we were actually on movie #3.

*scratches head*

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