Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and makes that duck face.....

It's probably a hooker.

If I do not understand something, I tend to immediately dislike it ;p  I definitely do not understand the duckface trend. It's like an epidemic. It's spreading across Facebook. Make sure and sanitize regularly or you may catch this awful face disease.

What are we trying to say with this face, ladies?  Are your teeth bad? Does something smell yucky? Do you need to poop?

Whatever happened to smiling for pictures? Smiling makes you seem happy and approachable. Duckface makes you seem.... constipated.  I am going to conduct a small experiment here. I am going to take two pictures, and you tell me which one makes me seem like a nice, relatively attractive person, and which one makes me seem like an idiot. OK? Ok.

Holla!!  Ok, obviously that is not me. This poor girl came up under a search for "Duckface" in google images. 

Ok ok, my turn.  So this photo says "Well hi there! I am a super nice girl. Dental hygiene is important to me. I am happy and like rainbows and ponies and you should come talk to me and we can be frieeeeends. Yay!"

This photo says "If I smile you will see my snaggle tooth.  I am a sucked up snobby brat who needs fiber supplements to stay regular. Speaking of regular... I need to go poo now. I'm sexy!"

Please pardon my hair. Ick.

I don't really remember what my point here was. Oh yeah, duck face girls are ridiculous. Smile bitches!! :D

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