Friday, June 3, 2011

The most depressing of shopping sprees

It's June! Not that you would know it from the rain, and cold, and more rain, and freak hail storms. Based on my recollection of summers past, it should be well into the 90's, if not 100 degrees and over by now.  And what do we do when it is hot? Well, aside from taking off all our clothes (oh yes, that Nelly reference just happened), we go swimming! At the lake, in a pool, it doesn't really matter.

In preparation for the warmer temperatures that are sure to come, and the knowledge that I will soon be relaxing at the lake, I decided to go shopping and get myself a new swimsuit. I left my house a confident woman, with a spring in my step, feeling pretty and likable. I returned..... a shell of a woman, self confidence in tatters. 

Perhaps it was the harsh and unforgiving florescent overhead lighting. Or maybe it was the wall of mirrors. Or maybe, just maybe, it was that stupid supermodel-gorgeous girl that was a quarter of my size trying on the same bathing suit as me. I hate her face. *sigh*........

This is what I saw in the mirror:
Except less hairy...

And maybe a little of this:

It was definitely a combination of the two.

So I headed home without a new swimsuit, head hanging low, vowing to never eat again. 

As God as my witness, I shall never eat again!!!

Perhaps never eating again is a bit extreme. I am seriously going on a diet though. I have been on a "Sort-of diet" kick for the last month or so, but clearly the "sort of" part isn't working. So I am now on a "Serious as a heart attack-diet". No no no carbs or sugar. Well except on Saturdays. I have to have a cheat day or I lose my mind. Seriously, I was doing South Beach about 2 years ago and I had a total meltdown in the middle of Wholefoods because all I wanted in life was an english muffin. I probably would have stabbed a stranger for a cupcake. I was insane with carb withdrawals.

So, no carbs or sugar except on Saturdays. AND, lots more time at the gym. Maybe when I look like this:
I'll get my ass back in a swimsuit again.........


  1. "I probably would have stabbed a stranger for a cupcake."

    I hate when that happens. LOL

    Becky, you rock. Much love from the Wasatch Front. =)

    (Is that OK for me to say even though I'm white? Just thought I'd give it a try...)

  2. Jeff, we should never let race keep us from saying what is in our hearts ;p