Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just like Aquaman

Stuff. Things. Aaaack!!

I am not usually one to keep how I feel to myself; if I want something I say so. If I don't want something, I am pretty good at letting you know that too. But currently...... *sigh*

It has been brought to my attention recently that I have.... an entourage (not my words), a following of sorts (also not my words).  I do not want.

I have a lot of guy friends. More guys than girls. I just get along better with men. The problem that I am having lately is my guy friends (more than 1!!! Grrrrrrrr) wanting to be more than friends. I am not interested. And I feel like I have made that abundantly clear without being flat out rude. But it seems that there is still shameless flirting on their part.  It just makes me uncomfortable and a little irritated, if I am being honest. Is it truly not possible to have a strictly platonic relationship with someone of the opposite sex?

But what do I do? And honestly, do I need to do anything? I feel like I should, because I think the extra attention, which has been very obvious, has the potential to hurt something/someone that I care about and is important to me.... This hasn't actually been said flat out to me, but more so hinted at in a passive sort of way. It's ok though, I speak passive too..... I'm really good at passive. Look at my blog....

Important reasons why I will not ever date a friend:
1) Because at some point you (friend) will do something shitty and we will not date anymore, and probably not be friends anymore. Which would make me sad. I genuinely value my friendships.
2) I know where your penis has been. Therefore it will not ever be in me.

That's really all I have, 2 reasons. I honestly think those 2 reasons are more than enough to stand on though.

I guess for now, I will just keep politely laughing off all obvious attempts from my friends who should know better, and hoping for obvious attempts from someone else.

I realize that no part of this post makes any sense. It doesn't even really make sense to me. I usually feel better though once I get my thoughts down on paper (paper? you know what I mean), so consider this a therapeutic post, and I apologize in advance :p

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