Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I do what I want!

Horoscope for the day:
"Have you been giving someone the silent treatment? It won't do you much good ... you can't make your point unless you clearly communicate your feelings and needs. People cannot read your mind, so get in touch and clear the air. If you are the one receiving silent treatment from someone else, reach out and check in with them. Find out whether they are ready to talk. Approach things compassionately and with your defenses down". 

Hahaha! Compassionately? Defenses down? We all know that this is how I prefer to make my feelings known:

Seriously though, is someone giving me the silent treatment?? I don't like that :(  Come talk to mama...  I promise not to breathe fire at you, or call you stupid or anything. I will be nice. Pinky swear.

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