Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy zombie hump day!

I really need to start getting more sleep. I fell asleep around midnight last night only to wake up around 2:45am to stare at my ceiling until my alarm went off this morning. I feel like a zombie today.

But not a sexy zombie, like this

More like this

I feel like this is an appropriate time to let you all in on my secret love of Rob Zombie.

Some of the things that were on my mind last night:

1) World peace. Duh.
2) Buying new gym shoes. 
3) Sex. 
4) Angry birds
5) Quitting my job and moving to Hawaii.
6) Sex, again. I know, I'm like a dude. I needs it.
7) Houseboat menu
8) Pygmy goats

I never said they were important things......


  1. You are just my kind of crazy. Love.

  2. This kind of crazy must run in the family ;)

  3. Did I just get burned? I feel like I just got burned. Balls to you!!