Monday, June 6, 2011

Flat out disgusting

Flatout wraps........ barf! I got a chicken salad wrap at Safeway for lunch (And I made it out alive!!! That parking lot is a nightmare), and they made it with this crazy, diet friendly, low carb wheat flat bread. I am all for healthy eating, and I usually find healthy food to be just as flavorful and yummy as the bad for you stuff, but this was not the case today. I have never tasted anything this nasty. It's like..... gooey, and tastes of styrofoam. 

So now I am sitting here eating the chicken salad out of my wrap with a fork :p  Luckily, I also bought craisins while at the store. Mmmmmmmmmm. It's almost as good as candy. Almost.


  1. I love the pictures you post. Period dot. For some reason, I find the ones that you take personally the funniest.. even if its just a bag of craisins.

  2. Those craisins are pretty freaking hilarious. Damn them for being funnier than me!! ;p