Monday, June 20, 2011

And then you get hit by a car

Sometimes you need someone who knows you better than anyone else to set you straight.  Sometimes it's an ex boyfriend. Strange right?

Jesse is one of my closest friends. Probably my best, right along side Deana. Yeah, we dated for a minute. Ok, it was more like 131,4000 minutes, (it sounds like a lot longer when you say it THAT way ;p) give or take a few. So it kind of goes without saying that the guy knows me pretty well. He knows my temper, knows what makes me sad, what I am passionate about. He knows ME. I am so glad we have remained friends. I love the guy. Maybe not in the same way that I used to love him, more like family now. I'd still jump in front of a car for him. Jesse, if you are reading this.... please look both ways when crossing the street, ok? I don't actually want to test this statement, haha!

The great thing about having such an amazing guy friend is that he gives me really sound relationship advice. He is good at this because he knows how I can get. I am too analytical and when things don't go how I feel they should, or how I want, he knows I am discouraged. He will tell me when I am reading too much into something. He tells me from a guys prospective how I should proceed. He also likes to tell me when I give him too much information :p Haha, he says "Gross", a lot. For some reason, the parts of my stories that involve little clothing are not his favorite. Fortunately for him, but unfortunately for me, those stories are non existent at the moment. He will also tell me when I have done something really dumb, "You said what?!"

Jesse's words of wisdom today were words that made me sad. 

Not what I wanted to hear. I am basically putting my fingers in my ears and saying " na na na na na!" I am sure he will tell me I am being silly. He is right about that, of course.

So this silly girl, not accepting defeat upon hearing what she does not want to hear, with all these thoughts rolling around in her brain, running on very (very very) little sleep, and a growling tummy, headed over to the Chevron mini mart to attempt to find something somewhat healthy to snack on (longest run on sentence ever? Possibly) I settled on those little powder sugar covered donuts. Don't judge me, it was that or Doritos. As I was walking back to my car, I passed behind a little blue honda..... that proceeded to back into me. It was nothing all that dramatic, the car was going slowly. My body didn't fly up in the air or anything insane, but I did stumble and fall backwards. The girl driving the car was, naturally, very apologetic.  I think she was worried I was going to sue her. I assured her that I was fine.

Strangely enough, a similar thing happened to me in the Target parking lot once (I think it was Target). I guess I am going to need to pick up one of those bright orange vests so no one can say they didn't see me.

Maybe that little blue honda was a sign sent from God, like an exclamation point to the entire weekend. OK OK, I get it......

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  1. One of my friends got backed into in the Safeway parking lot. The driver was on her phone and BACKED into her. She had to slam her hands on the car. The driver did the little wave thing and drove off. Other people took down her license plate # and later my friend was contacted by the police. They categorized it a hit and run. People have got to learn to focus on what they're doing when they get behind the wheel of a car. Maybe if driver's got tasered when they did something dangerous, the world would be safer.