Friday, May 13, 2011

The safeway parking lot is possibly the 4th level of HELL

Safeway is the closest grocery store to my office (I don't count Holiday, because that is a crappy store), so I find myself there a couple times a week to get something for lunch or whatever. I have almost died 3 times this week in the Safeway parking lot because it is like the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle and all reason (and traffic laws) ceases to exist there.

For help in explaining how this happens, I have drawn a picture. After seeing this picture, you will understand why I do not rely on my own artwork to accentuate my blog posts..... be gentle, it's my first time.

So as you can see, I am driving along towards the Safeway store, obeying all traffic laws. I am not required to stop because THERE IS NO 4 WAY STOP by the Golden 1 bank and Starbucks. They must stop. I do not have to. Because I am better. Because I have prettier hair. Because my name is Becky. BECAUSE I WIN.

But starbucks asshole, and bank asshole care not for the trivial rules of the road. They think themselves to be above the law, and apparently, above common courtesy.  They both proceed at the same time to cross in front of me. What I don't understand is that even if neither of them saw that I did not have stop sign and thought I should have stopped...... they could clearly tell from my lack of braking that I was not going to be stopping. And they still went anyway!  I slam on my breaks and lay on my horn and yell all types of colorful four letter words because.... well I can. They both look at me like "What? Duhhhhhhh".

The truly infuriating part of this is that this one instance is merely an example of what happens to me on a bi-weekly basis in the Safeway parking lot. I have a feeling that this must happen to others too. It can't just be me. Maybe if they put up a sign at the starbucks stop sign and the Golden 1 bank stop sign that says "Cross traffic does not stop".... that would be swell. But then again, maybe no one can read in the Bermuda Triangle.  

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  1. haha..soo funny! your illustration is fantastic, but the cars don't look like submarines but more like little UFO's with wheels. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you during your next outing to the 4th level of hell. : )