Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh hey, remember that one time I married Robert Downey Jr?

What, you don't remember? Here, lemme refresh your memory:


This is what happens when you go digging around in old boxes and find wedding pictures. What in the world do you do with wedding pictures when you are not actually married anymore?? Can I sell them at a yard sale or something?? jk (sorta). It really seemed like a totally reasonable thing to play around with Photoshop and take what should be a sadness inducing photo and turn it into something that makes me laugh. Maybe it'll make you laugh too. Bobby, what do you think? Funny right? Next I will make one for you where I paste in a picture of Eliza Dushku. You're welcome!! ;)

Aaaaaand, I am not ashamed to admit that this particular photo is what has inspired me to get my ass back into the gym with a much higher level of commitment and enthusiasm. I used to be thin. *sigh*

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