Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mah Bucket!

Bucket List!!!  I am not really sure why they call it that. Does anyone know? Maybe if I watched that stupid movie, which will surely make me cry, I would know.  I dislike movies that make me cry (crying betrays my stone cold exterior!) so I am not going to watch it. But I do know that "Bucket List" is a term for a list of things that you want to do before you die. I don't plan on dying any time in the near future, not that any of us do, but I have been thinking lately of things I want to experience or accomplish before it is time to meet my maker (Morgan Freeman).

1. Watch all of the movies in the Criterion Collection. "The 400 Blows" is next up in my Netflix queue. 780 films is going to take a looooong time though.  Better get busy!! I am especially looking forward to this one:
How could this possibly be bad??

2. Visit the Eiffel tower. I need a travel buddy. Anyone interested? I am a really good traveler because I am very organized. Itineraries make me happy. I took french for a few years in high school.... so I am pretty well prepared to order us beverages and ask to use the restroom (*ahem* Esque je peux aller aux toilets, sil vous plait?). I am sure Rosetta Stone can teach us the rest, haha!

3.  Learn to snowboard. It seems ridiculous that I have lived 45 minutes from Mt. Shasta for the better part of my life and have still never been on a pair of skis or tried snowboarding. I am a fairly busy girl, but there is really no reason that I haven't made it up there, other than I am terrified of breaking my ass. Or my face. Snow looks soft, but that is probably very deceiving. 

4.  Ride in a hot air balloon. It just seems like it would be a whole lot of fun.

5.  Take a photography class. There are so many beautiful things that I would love to be able to capture, but it never looks quite as good on film (well, memory card :p) as it does when I am looking through the finder. There is definitely an art to it. 

6.  Write a book. I don't really know what about yet. I have a couple short stories that I keep hidden away from public view, but I would like to work on something more substantial than that. Maybe one day I will figure it out, and get something published. Hell, if that Twilight chick can do it...... 

7.  Start a non-profit, no kill, animal rescue. 

Well, that is a good start. There will be more to come, but it is late, and my back hurts. Time for some shut eye :)

Good night, moon!

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  1. Have you heard the phrase "Kick the Bucket"?