Thursday, May 5, 2011

980 is lots, yo!

According to the stats button on my blogger dashboard thingy,  my blog was viewed 980 (as in, nine hundred and eighty) times last month!

And it was viewed 47 times today when I haven't even posted anything new or posted a link on my Facebook begging peeps to check out my random words.  What could it mean??

Or there is also the possibility that my internet stalker is solely responsible and checks my blog a whoooooole lot.

Either way.... I think I am diggin it. Thanks guys for reading stuff that means absolutely nothing to you!!  I shall continue to post random and/or offensive and/or socially and politically relevant blogs. Depends on my mood ;)


  1. I LOVE your blog and your pictures but I don't get the owl one.. can you explain to me what I'm missing? Only regarding the picture, not what I'm missing overall in my life.

  2. I don't really know that it makes a whole lot of sense in the context of my blog actually. But I like owls (read: LOVE owls) and it has the word stalk in it which is relevant because I was talking about my stalker....... so I went with it ;)

  3. Right, ok. That's exactly what I figured but I didn't know if there was a tie between the two things. On another note, I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!