Friday, April 22, 2011

Sorry we party

I should preface this entire post by saying that I am not 21 anymore. I am an old, dried up, drinks hot tea and takes a multivitamin, 30 year old. I can no longer hang. Sometimes I like to pretend that I can, and I do retarded things like buy tickets to a concert that is over an hour away from me on a weeknight. I am a silly silly girl (old lady).

Deana, Kurt and I left Redding at about 6:00 and started the oh-so-entertaining drive to ChicoooOOOooo.  There was a lot of traffic. I don't really understand why, or where everyone was going.  It was a Thursday night. Anywho, as more evidence that I am an old relic.... my bladder must already be starting to fail me. I couldn't even make it to Chico without a potty break.... thank goodness for truck stops. It might have had something to do with the GIANT rockstar I was drinking on the way.

Funniest thing said while on the road... I was telling them about the not-very-good tortilla soup I had at CR Gibbs for lunch and Deana says "Well it wasn't good because they aren't mexican". You're right, Deana; only mexicans are able to make passable mexican food.  Good thing she is a mexican, or I would have called her a racist. Actually, I think I did anyway. To which she replied with something like "I can say what I want, they are my people". Hahahaha! 

Second funniest thing said while on the road..... "Becky has the cleanest trunk I have ever seen".  Yep, that's right.

If I have never mentioned it before, I struggle with anxiety.  To the point of anxiety attacks where I can hardly breathe and almost completely shut down, retreating to a dark quiet place to attempt to level out. Driving in Chico does it to me every time. Something about all the one way streets and oblivious "I own the world" college students who seem to time it just right to jump out in front of your car on purpose.  I almost ran over a handful of them while circling the block attempting to find a parking space.

It was a good thing that we managed to get there (no thanks to smart phone GPS, btw) and find a parking spot, because I was already starting to tremble a little and was breathing harder than normal.  For reals, it is scary stuff and not how I would have preferred to start the night. Once my car was safely parked and locked, I felt much much better.

I LOVE the Senator.  The place is a total dump, much along the lines of how the Cascade was before they revamped it.  I like the stained walls, I like the pealing wallpaper. I especially like that the place is small enough that no matter where you end up sitting, upstairs or down, you will still have a good view.

We found Mitch and Alyssa and more importantly... found beers!  (heck yes for $4 pale ales at a concert!)

The first band, Royal Bliss, was actually really good.  And I am always jealous of rocker guys with nicer hair than me.  Another thing you may not know about me, I have a totally irrational love of bass players. They don't even have to be good looking. If they play the bass, and play it well (I have standards) there is a good chance my clothes will just fall off.  It's pretty much out of my control.  Royal Bliss had a good bass player, who also happened to be not so hard on the eyes.

Next up was a band called The Envy. I dunno, they were alright. A little heavy on the emo and new way-y keyboard sound. Entertaining, but didn't seem to go with the rest of show.  I am pretty sure the lead singer had on more makeup than I did.


Their drummer reminds me of Carrot Top.  I am not hating, us gingers need to stick together. But for reals.... Carrot Top, right??

It was a fun show!!  Hinder was great!!  There was this really strange girl standing next to Kurt, who really seemed to like him, and was under the impression that he must have been "with" me, because oh man, she was giving me hella stink eye! Haha, silly girl. Get his number, I don't care :p  When we finally wandered out onto the streets of Chico in search of food, it was about 11:30.  We made a quick pit stop at the Pita Pit (Where I accidentally, I swear, exposed some poor girl with her pants down to the entire restaurant when I opened the bathroom door, which she had not locked!) and then headed for home.  I barely managed to stay awake, luckily I had the soothing sounds of Deana and Kurt's dueling snoring to keep me entertained. Thanks guys for staying awake and keeping me company!! :p

Rolled into Redding at about 1:15, dropped Kurt off and headed for home.  I think I finally crawled into bed at about 1:45 and passed out shortly after 2am.  I was not super thrilled when my alarm went off at 6:45 this morning!!

All in all, I feel like it was a fairly tame trip to Chico, as far as past experiences go.  I can sum up the majority of my adventures in chico by saying these things: Breaking down in the car, drunken stiletto throwing, chick fights (that bitch totally deserved to be punched), mechanical bull riding (resulting in wicked black and blue bruises), bar crawls, midnight parking lot hula hooping, Guy Peirce, puking, and tofurky dogs.  Ahhhh, good times.

Til next time, Chico....


  1. oh guy pierce! why didn't we make out!? whyyyyyyyyy! oh because i was puking. chicOOOoooOOOoo. i'm proud of you, bex. a girl needs to get home at 2 am once in awhile. even on school nights.

  2. guy pierce was more interested in waitress booby biting. So crazy. Haha!! Come visit ChicoooOOooo again so we can party like irresponsible teenagers!

  3. The one way streets used to drive me bananas when I lived down there. You'd drive by your destination 4x, with this wistful look in your eyes before you ever found a road you could turn on w/o it turning into a huge game of chicken.