Monday, April 4, 2011

Please don't make me kill you til you die....

Words words words!!! Angry words. Some people suck a whole lot. Like more so than people should be allowed to suck without getting their balls stepped on. So here I am, ball-stepping. It sounds like two stepping, but I assure you it is less family friendly. Still just as much fun though ;)

Consider this an open letter to Mr. Asshole.

Mr. Asshole., you suck. You infuriate me! You embarrass me. You do mean nasty things to me, and then you pretend in public that we are buddies. You attempt to endear yourself to me by calling me stupid nicknames and acting as though we are so familiar. Yes, once upon a time we were familiar. Once upon a time I would call you a friend. A best friend even. But you have since crossed the line, not just once, but over and over again until I was forced to close myself off to you completely. That should have been the end of it. You should have just tucked your evil spikey tail between your legs and trotted off to find someone else to be awful to. But instead you see me in public and cannot help yourself but to be a jerk and make snarky fucking comments about the man that I am choosing to spend my time with. Jealous much? Way to be an adult.

This might just be my anger talking, but I can't think of anyone that I would like to know less right now. And if you ever fucking "poke" me on facebook again, I swear to Jeebus I will find you and poke you in the goddamn eye!


*Whew*! I think I feel better now. I highly doubt that Mr. Asshole. will see this. I don't think he is even aware that I have a blog. But sometimes it helps to just put things out there in the universe. Who knows, maybe he will see it.... and maybe I am totally ok with that. Truth hurts.

Onto better things!!! Things that made me happy this weekend:
1) Guy at the bar who didn't believe that I was 30 years old. He thought I was 25 :D
2) Thai Food.
3) 5 mile river trail adventure which resulted in a little bit of a sunburn. More freckles!
4) Saturday nap
5) Cute boy :)

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