Monday, April 11, 2011

Nothing says "Happy Monday" like a GIANT fetus

I am soooooooooo(ooooooooo) tired of the creepy old man outside of the women's clinic on Victor, and his ginormous fetus poster.  Can we all at least agree that 7:45am is too early to be assaulted with that kind of visual?? For the love of baby Jesus, at least let me have my coffee first! I end up at work first thing on a Monday morning feeling..... gross. 

This morning creepy old man was joined by some folks holding a sign that said something to the effect that I should be praying for the people who work at the clinic and the people who go there and the "Victims", which I can only assume means the giant fetus in the poster. But what if I don't want to? See.... I don't think that the clinic is all bad.  Now hear me out before you send your mob with fiery torches.....

1) Not EVERYONE who goes to that clinic is going there to get an abortion.  I think that there are probably two places in Redding where you can get free birth control, and that clinic is one of them.  Not everyone has insurance, and not everyone can afford the pill. So there is a very good chance that the girl that you are giving the stink eye to is probably only going in there so she can get some birth control so that she can avoid getting pregnant and therefore not need to consider an abortion. Once upon a time I did not have insurance and had to go to the dreaded clinic for my annual exams and the pill.  Those places are miserable enough without the judgment parade waiting on the corner to greet you. Which brings me to my next point....

2) I am a pretty confident and strong person. So it was always easy enough for me to walk past the old creepy man, and the guy who sang songs about abortion while playing his guitar, with a "Fuck Off!" attitude. However, not all girls are like me.  If I were a timid young teenager I would run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. The opposite direction being directly onto an unprotected penis. Well maybe not as literal as that, but you know what I mean. 

3) If a girl is actually going there to get an abortion, standing outside with your giant nasty fetus poster and saying a prayer for her is not likely to change her mind. You may convince her to turn away out of embarrassment, but she will find somewhere else, or worse than that, a long flight of stairs to fall down. 

So maybe, angry protestor, your time would be better spent writing to your government representative of choice and trying to convince them, as many before you have tried, that abortion is wrong.  Until a time comes when it is actually illegal and punishable to have an abortion, please spare me the joy of your giant fetus poster. You are, sadly, not effecting any change, you are just grossing people out. Thanks!!

P.s. The creepy old man always makes me think of this guy:

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