Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brain tumors are a major bummer

I have had a migraine for the better part of 3 days.  I attempted to go to work which resulted in projectile vomiting and room spinning. I felt like I was dying.  Oh, and just as a warning to you, do not google image search the word "dying", it  is way more emo universe than you are prepared for. I wanted to cut myself after that little trip down the information super highway. And I am too scared to google vomit.

So, anyway, I attempted to go to work, but really only made a round trip from my bed to the bathroom and back again. Thank goodness for ice packs and ibprofen, or my head may have actually exploded. I tried to be nice to people, but this is all that came out:

I have decided that it is very likely that I have a brain tumor.  There is no other explanation for that level of pain.

So, it has been really nice knowing you all. Please say nice things about me at my funeral. And whatever you do, do not play that awful "Go rest high on that mountain" song. I fucking hate that song.

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