Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love makes the world go round

-Longest relationship:
Almost 5 years. And it was long distance at that!

-Shortest relationship:
4 months.

-How many boyfriends/girlfriends have told you that they love you?:
4. But the first one doesn't really count. We were very very young and had no real idea what love was. And when I say young, I mean it was 8th grade. We hardly even held hands if I recall correctly.

-Have you ever thought that you were going to marry the person you were with?:
Yes. And I did. I also thought that I was going to divorce someone that I was with, and I did that too.

-Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt?:
No. I am not really sure how that goes. Its possible for the person you love to hurt you, but love itself is a great thing, it shouldn't hurt. Maybe I am doing it wrong.... ?

-Have you ever made a boyfriend or girlfriend cry?
Yeah. I can be pretty brutal with words. 
-Are you happier single or in a relationship?
Happier in a relationship. Not because I need a man to make me happy, but because I am a pretty affectionate person. I want to hold someone's hand, and kiss them, and snuggle!  Deana looks at me funny when I try to snuggle with her :p  No, I definitely do not need a man for happiness. However, I do need a man for: 
1. Killing spiders, because I literally have a mini heart attack when I attempt to do it myself.
2. Reaching things on the top shelf. I am short.
3. Sex. It's just not as fun by myself.
-Have you ever been cheated on?
Yep, by every guy I have dated except one (And he probably did too and I just don't know about it). That sucks a lot. If I am being honest here, my self esteem has taken a giant hit because of it. Nothing makes me feel pretty and desirable like not being able to keep my man's interest. Yay me. I am not a prude and I like sex. A lot. I've never been the "sorry, I have a headache" girlfriend that pushes her man to other women. What the hell is going on here??  Are all men just players?  That must be it.

-Have you ever cheated on anyone?
Almost. It was not my finest moment. I still regret it. The relationship was basically over, but that still doesn't excuse it.

-Have you ever had your heart broken?
Twice. It doesn't feel great.

-Have you ever broken someone's heart?
I don't know. No one has ever seemed all that broken up to me. Maybe guys hide it better.

-Talk to any of your ex's?
All but one. Just because you can't be in a relationship with someone anymore does not mean that the original reasons you liked them as a person aren't there anymore.  It has definitely taken me longer to come around to some than others :p The plus side to being friends with them is that I don't care if they are man whores, cause they aren't doing it to me.  I can sit back and feel sorry for their new girlfriends, haha!

-If you could go back in time and change things to where you could still be with one of your ex's, would you?

Nope. Those relationships ended for good reasons.  And I am happy where I am at now.

-Think any of your ex's feel the same way?
I don't think any of them want me back.  Well maybe one..... but I just pretend to not know that. It makes me feel squirmy :p

-Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend?
I think so. I try. 

-Have you dated people who were not good for you?

-Have you been in an abusive relationship?
Yes. Abusive relationships are not a good time. Probably the darkest point in my life. I ran into him about a year ago and literally felt like I was going to vomit. 

-Have you dated someone older then you?
6 years older.

-Dated someone younger then you?
5 years younger.

-Do you regret anything that you have or havent done with a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Hehehe, is this a dirty question?  Because aside from some clothing optional activities, no there isn't anything that I regret not doing ;) As for what I do regret doing..... I can't really think of anything.

- Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

No. I rarely give out second chances. We all know right from wrong. We should have to live with the consequences of our actions. If you screw me over why would I want to let you do it again?

-Believe in love at first sight?
No. That is just stupid. I believe that you can have chemistry at first sight. That's it though. How could you possible love someone you don't even know?

-Ever dated two people at once?
Yes. But not like in serious relationships where we weren't supposed to see other people. I am talking about casually dating.

-Ever been given an Engagement ring?
Yes. I think it is still in my jewelry box.

-Do you have something to say to any of your ex's?
Not really. I am pretty good at saying what I want to say. I don't hold much back.

-Ever stole someones boyfriend or girlfriend?

Hahaha, no. But apparently I did steal a guy that my friend was interested in. Even though I asked her if she had a thing for him and she said no.  My mind reading powers must have been on the fritz that day ;p

-Ever liked someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend?
Nope. No offense to any of my friends, but your men are not really my type :p
-Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds? 
Worse than it sounds.

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