Monday, March 14, 2011

Like the 4th of July!

When did we become such big fat whiners?  When did being "bullied" morph from being something that we all deal with as children into something that prompts seemingly well adjusted young adults to hurl themselves off bridges? I just don't get it.

I was bullied as a child. I was made to feel inferior because my family did not have a ton of money. I was teased because I had braces. I was teased because I was awkward and emotional.  I came home from school crying on many occasions.  But I think we all had to deal with that to a certain extent. Almost everyone I know went through some sort of harassment  by their peers.  That's growing up.  The only people that doesn't happen to are the ones who are gorgeous, with perfect skin and hair and teeth, who drive brand new cars and live in fancy houses. And those people I do not envy because they are probably emotionally devoid of the miserable school years that unite the rest of us and give us a common ground.

So what happened to the days when a kid would get picked on and respond with an enthusiastic "Fuck off, ass hat!"? Or an "I don't care what you think because obviously you have the intelligence level of cotton candy"? Instead, it seems that kids now wallow around in self pity until they feel like their only option is to off themselves.  What the hell is going on around here???

I am not trying to be insensitive to the poor kids who felt like that was their only way out..... but really, is life that bad that the only option you think you have is to end it all??  I can't imagine anything in life being that bad. Anything.  I have been through my share of horrible life experiences and felt like I had reached the lowest of low depths, but I have never thought to myself that I was so worthless as a human being that I needed to end my life. Jesus. 

Can we start hugging our (and by our, I mean yours) kids more?  Make them listen to that crappy Lady Gaga and Katy Perry music about how they are perfect the way they are, fireworks or some shit, and tell them that if someone is mean to them to verbally reduce that douche bag to the piece of garbage they are.  You can even let them use my "Fuck off, ass hat!". I don't mind. But we can't keep reinforcing this trend with "You are such a delicate flower. Of course you can go sulk in your room about how awful your life is. Don't forget to take this rope with you" behavior. Teach these kids to stand up for themselves!! Sheesh!

People are going to make fun of you if you dress funny. They are going to make fun of you if you are different then they are. They are definitely going to make fun of you for being gay or lesbian. It's life. People have been going through it for many many many years now. You are not the first person to be the target of a jerk, and there are a lot of cruel people in this world. Don't let it ruin you.  Be a fucking firework already!!!   Ok? Ok.

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  1. I strongly believe this! while I will not my kids say "F off" I do tell them to not let kids get to them. Toughen up boys and girls! Life is hard and you AREN'T a delicate little special flower! I can't even tell you how many times I tell my boys to suck it up! Boys need to be tough especially, because this world is tough! Sorry, I'll end my rant now.